What is IDEALL's Premise?    

Our premise is that local school district educational successes are transferable, and worth reviewing with an eye toward cost effective adoption by others.

We looked at American public schools and saw an opportunity to share successful practices adaptable and adoptable elsewhere across the establishment. Education has, inadvertently, followed the business model.

To protect competitive advantage, business and industry closely guard:
  • innovative solutions
  • productivity and process improvements
  • technology deployment
  • quality gains
  • creative partnerships and
  • intellectual property and products.

Benchmarks of sales, earnings and shareholder value demand constant improvement. Internal applications and any licensing or sales of successful corporate initiatives exist to improve those benchmarks.

U.S. Public Education Must Compete

Like business, U.S. public schools must compete in the world, but competition is not about protecting corporate valuation, rather about building a better American educational system.

Closer to home, public education must increasingly compete to be the avenue of choice for a national constituency of parents and children. In contrast to business and industry, for public education to succeed, best practices must be shared. School districts everywhere have developed pockets of excellence that rarely achieve a level of awareness beyond district boundaries. These include learning approaches, curricula reform, technology integration, instructional efficiencies, infrastructure improvements, expense control, outsourcing and a host of proven solutions.

The nonprofit IDEALL Foundation from the School District of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is here to serve as a model for others to examine. To learn more, browse through the rest of our site.