IDEALL's Mission and Vision    

The School District of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, an urban district consisting of approximately 11,200 students and 1,400 staff, has formed the non-profit foundation named IDEALL, the Institute for the Development of Educational Alliances.


Harvesting invested excellence to encourage and reward innovation, while continually improving the quality, efficiency and financial stability of a public school district.


To create and market to school districts elsewhere, innovative products, services, technology and competencies based on excellence-driven initiatives developed within, and for the financial benefit of the School District of Lancaster.

It is a 501(c)(3) public foundation and a supporting organization to the School District of Lancaster. Its initial board of directors consisted of a school board member, district Superintendent, business, finance and community leaders, entrepreneurs, plus the counsel of an attorney, consultant and district Business Manager.

The notion for a foundation to incubate, develop and market excellence within the district grew out of the district's rigorous pursuit of quality through the internationally recognized process of ISO-9001. As the first school district in the world to be ISO-9001 certified, it received great interest from others in purchasing its school district procedure manuals and learning about the ISO process. Incented by this, the district reviewed other proven successes and, in 2001, elected to establish IDEALL.

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