IDEALL Ventures    

We have selected several IDEALL investments and undertakings to serve as examples for others considering adopting our foundation model. Some of these have repetitive income expectations, some are single sales, and others are longer term interests.

Product Development and Sales

ISO 9001  
School district procedure manuals authored by 30 staff from first ISO 9001 certified school district. 15 manuals available in print or CD ROM for purchase, and easy local modification, by others interested in pursuing certification or simply improving their own procedures.

Original software and implementation manual allowing school administrators to analyze current deployment of teaching resources within their schools and evaluate deployment change scenarios.

Award-winning driver safety and education game based on PA Driver's Manual signs and laws required for driver permit license testing. Developed for full classroom, small group or individual play. Purchased by PA State Department of Education for all state districts and driver schools and adaptable to other states.

Training and Consulting Services

Educational administrators, subject matter experts, and staff/teaching specialists, offer training and consulting services to nearby, small or otherwise under-resourced school districts

Reading Program Evaluation
District-wide Curriculum Review
Block Scheduling Effectiveness
ISO · 
Implementation and /or training in the development of consistent flow-charted procedure manuals for other districts.

Other areas of interest and investment

Project Breathe, a student respiratory wellness program approved for PA EITC funding, has evolved and expanded into Student Health Force, an initiative with a national reach. Developed by Population Health Innovations, Student Health Force is a scalable program combined with K-12 enrichment curriculum where students learn about fitness, nutrition, tobacco prevention, health literacy and more. For further information, visit

Moderately priced grant writing and other “development office” services to under-resourced school districts.

Software and methodology for maximizing Medicaid reimbursement for eligible students.

Early readers utilizing localized content and demand-print technology.

Partnership for more efficient capture and integration of school health record management and reporting.